Taxation Services

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  • Personal Taxation: We prepare income tax returns for clients and advise on all aspects of personal taxation.
  • Farmers – we deal with all aspects of taxation involving farmers. Many of our clients are engaged in farming
  • Corporate Taxation: For companies we prepare corporation tax returns in addition to all other taxation concerning our corporate clients. We also advise company directors on matters concerning their business.
  • VAT: We prepare VAT records and periodic VAT returns in addition to advising on many aspects of value added tax.
  • Capital Acquisition Tax: Have you recently fallen in for an inheritance or fortunate enough to receive a gift and worried about the tax implications? We will prepare the necessary Tax Returns on your behalf.
  • Capital Gains Tax: If you have sold an asset and need to deal with the tax implications we can help.


Revenue Audits

Have you received a letter from the Revenue Commissioners to the effect that they are going to investigate your financial and taxation affairs?
In most cases there is a good reason why you have received this letter.

With a vast experience of Revenue Audits our team have the necessary skills to assist you. It is always better to engage a professional accountant or tax advisor to carry out a detailed review of  your financial and tax affairs before replying to or meeting with Revenue.

Are you worried about how to deal with your tax return now that you are or expect to be self-employed? 
We can help, come and talk to us. Call us on 0906474783 

Are you an employee who thinks that you have paid more than you should have in Income Tax, USC or PRSI? 
We can organise the refund for you so that the money is in your pocket rather than being retained by the Revenue Commissioners.

Are you sure you are obtaining all tax credits and reliefs available to you? 
In this country a large amount of Income Tax and USC is left unclaimed. This is usually simply due to the taxpayer being either unaware of their entitlements or just not claiming them for whatever reason. Contact us, we can help!

Have you received a letter from Revenue asking you to complete and submit a Tax Return for one or more tax year? 
Many farmers and in particular part-time farmers have received such letters recently. If so you would be strongly advised to seek professional assistance in completing the Tax Return(s) before submitting anything to Revenue. Many of our clients who we have prepared Tax Returns for and who are self-employed part-time receive a tax rebate due to losses incurred in their business.

Call us today on 0906474783 if you wish to discuss any aspect of the above taxation matters effecting you.


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